Our Mission

Data@UCI aims to nurture a community of Anteaters exploring their place in an increasingly data-driven world. Through workshops, professional panels, and speaker events, we provide resources and a network for students to grow their analytical skills and gain a deeper appreciation for data — helping them to succeed in college and in their careers. We are a student-run organization ultimately dedicated to the UCI and larger Orange County communities.

Our Events

Throughout each quarter, Data@UCI strives to create useful, insightful and fun events to enrich each members' interest and knowledge of data, as well as expand their professional circle. Workshops serve as an opportunity for honing important skills to use in your future career in data. Panels allow for networking with industry professionals and graduates. We also host more social-focused activities to allow our members to relax and have fun while simultaneously growing UCI's data community.

The Board

William Hou (he/him)


William Hou is a third-year majoring in Data Science. He enjoys how data can be brought to life in so many creative ways to make a positive difference in the world. In his free time, William enjoys cooking, following the news, hiking, watercoloring, and playing Minecraft or Valorant.

Jenny Tran (she/her)

VP of Internal Affairs

Jenny Tran is a third-year majoring in Mathematics with a Statistics/ICS Minor. Jenny has always liked statistics and working with numbers, so her interest in data comes as no surprise. Jenny's hobbies include reading books, watching Netflix, and food.

Ky-Vinh Mai (he/him)

VP of External Affairs

Ky-Vinh Mai is a second-year double-majoring in Data Science and Language Science. Ky has interest in the intersectionality of data and other scientific fields such as Linguistics. He's most interested in utilizing data in exciting applications such as natural language processing. In his free time, Ky enjoys Fingerstyle and Spanish guitar, socializing, linguistic challenges, and playing with his dog :)

Gordon Lin (he/him)

VP of Finance

Gordon Lin is a third-year double majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. Gordon's interest in data science stems from his love of playing around with data and numbers. In his free time, Gordon enjoys learning to cook European cuisine, listening to music, raging at video games, and "studying" Japanese culture.

Emi Cervantes (she/her)

VP of Logistics

Emi Cervantes is a third-year majoring in Mathematics with a Minor in Statistics. She loves how data science is such a versatile field and that she has the freedom to choose her own path. One day, Emi hopes to work as a healthcare researcher providing insights that can help save millions of lives. Emi's favorite hobby is playing Spikeball at the beach!

Colin Yee (he/him)

VP of Community Development

Colin Yee is a second-year majoring in Data Science. He is very interested in using data as a means to guide others as a tool to help leaders and peers to make better decisions. Colin's hobbies include playing tennis, swing dancing, and hanging out with friends.

Kaylie Chong (she/her)

VP of Community Development

Kaylie Chong is a second-year majoring in Business Economics. She is interested in data science because of how much it impacts today’s economy. She wants to be in the product marketing and product management business and data science connects with the role due to data being key factors for future development. Kaylie's hobbies include thrifting, eating, and playing TFT.

Nathan Samarasena (he/him)

VP of Marketing

Nathan Samarasena is a fourth-year majoring in Mathematics. He hopes to utilize Data @ UCI to learn and expand his knowledge of the data science field, as well as provide other students with the resources needed to succeed within it and other related areas. Nathan's hobbies include building custom keyboards, playing and listening to music, sports, fashion, taking care of his plants, video games and anime.

Ellie Lee (she/her)

VP of Marketing

Ellie Lee is a third-year majoring in Data Science. She is fascinated by how data science is applied in our daily lives, from everything we buy to content we interact with, and she hopes that data science can be used as a tool to increase statistical literacy and help combat misinformation. Ellie's hobbies include crocheting, listening to music, and spending time with her friends.